Premier League

Project Descripiton —

A multi-page responsive website for shareholders at the Premier League. The website was used to accompany a print version of the annual report.

The site was built from the ground up. It included a number of interactive elements used to display key statistics.

Browsers supported: IE9+, Grade A browsers

Company: Premier League X Salterbaxter
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Pearson Agile Presentation

Project Descripiton —

Pearson is a a British multi-national conglomerate which began in the publishing industry. They publish most of the educational materials in schools and also own companies such as Penguin and the Financial times. As a result of their large scale they have a number of operational deficiencies. I was commissioned to architect a story about agile development and how it could improve things at Pearson. Our key stakeholders were the board members of Pearson. The project was a huge success and as a result of the presentation, the board gave the go ahead to roll out agile development across the company.

Company: Pearson PLC

Chivas 1801

Project Descripiton —

Company: Isobar Mobile X Chivas
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Peugeot CRM App

Project Descripiton —

Responsive web-app prototype we built for the key stakeholders of Peugeot.

This was an internal concept project which helped Peugeot salespeople efficiently sell the cars using a variety of tools built into the app.



Project Descripiton —

Responsive rebuild and rebrand for Sugar company Billingtons

Company: BD Networks X Billingtons

Honda CR-V Microsite

Project Descripiton —

For the launch of the new Honda CR-V we had to build a highly interactive site, detailing the key features of the car.

The site was fully responsive and had support for other European and Arabic Languages.

Company: Elvis X Honda
  • Premier LeagueInteractive website for Premier League shareholders

  • Pearson Agile PresentationInteractive pitch for the board of Pearson

  • Chivas 1801Exclusive facebook application for Chivas fans

  • Peugeot CRM AppEnabling car salesmen to effectively sell Peugeot

  • Billingtons

  • Honda CR-V MicrositeInteractive campaign to promote the new Honda CR-V worldwide